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Extremely disappointing. There is too much poor research in this book, whether intentional or not. I am very interested in this subject and agree with the other reviewer - the books Bloody Harvest and State Organs are rational, and well researched. If one wants to cover a modern historical topic, one needs to be diligent in uncovering the situation. 

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I was sadly disappointed with this book. I thought it would be more thoroughly researched. My. Ownby makes many errors. For example he states that Qi-Gong has only been around for a few decades. Actually, there is ample evidence that Qi-Gong has existed for more than 5,000 years. The names of the practices (which sounded too religious) were changed to Qi-Gong during the cultural revolution for safety. He also makes a whole lot of unsubstantiated claims about Falun Gong, and although he usually admits that he has no proof other then CCP rumors to prove such a claim, by mentioning them he adding to the problem. For example he claims, the founder of Falun Gong organized the initial protests before the persecution started. I know several practitioners who were there and Mr. Li Honzhi has talked about this as well. That was a spontaneous non-violent protest, spread by word of mouth. When you have over 100 million p,eople, it doesn't take long for 10,000 people to get together spontaneously. Moreover, Mr. Ownby seems to agree with the CCP that innocent people demanding Human rights and freedom of religion by non-violent protest, deserve to be murdered, tortured ect... Perhaps Mr. Ownby should write about the Holocaust, but make sure he quotes Hitler when letting the world know who the Jews really are. For a much better researched account of the persecution of Falun Gong by a third party, objective writer, please read "Challenging China, Struggle and Hope in an Era of Change" or "Bloody Harvest" 

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